Introducing: The Paper Set

Lightness of design

Most of our workshop discussions hinge around engineering, how to give flex or strength whilst using the minimal amount of structure, and removing bulk. It’s a real, honest enjoyment of simple engineering structures. This is evident when you look at the language of this collection.

The Paper Chair, for example, the folds in the backrest and seat directly follow the planes of the body. The folds create strength whilst offering surprisingly comfortable support.

The Springboard also shows this approach to engineering lightness. It’s an occasional table with a slim stone shelf cantilevered over a base structure formed from a single long run of steel.

The pieces are simple and lightly engineered, whilst being unashamedly selfish in pursuit of dramatic light. Folded, perforated surfaces and graphical lines create a narrative that shifts and changes with the sun.

Embracing indoor and outdoor refuges

It is a collection for indoor and outdoor living, embracing the spaces that are our refuges and creating intimacy.  The Navigator tables can be both timber and perforated metal. The Paper chairs are pieces that sit quietly with intriguing presence. The Spot shelves are a bit of fun, but the playful lightness of design disguises the engineering strength in them.

Alongside these we have refreshed our colour palette. We retain our classic black, white and brass, and add Navy Blue, Mustard Yellow and Brick Red.

We look forward to sharing images and stories with you from our collection.

Photography and styling: Lauren Bamford and Stephanie Stamatis.