The Truss bench/table

I think there are shapes designers become fascinated with and return to, time and time again. You can see it in some of the designers that inspire me - like Glenn Murcutt's work and Tado Ando's scaled rectangular prisms.


So I find it reassuring to know it's not weird, when my furniture sketches and resulting prototypes continue to play around in the same set of shapes repeatedly. 

This was definitely the case with Truss - a style and design approach to a table we had the benefit of creating in collaboration with the client, Jaye Edwards. An inspirational guy!

I have always been drawn to the Trussed steelwork in old factories and buildings. The strength of the shape and the elegant simplicity lend themselves to a lighter design. The danger that a piece could look somehow 'too light' is tempered by the finishes, the steel and the timber, and feel under your hand of the finished piece.

Our grandfather owned a bicycle repair shop in the Hague, Netherlands, prior to WW2. The language of this family business definitely found its way into this table, and our approach.

Taking a delicate and playful approach to trussed structural engineering, this style of table or bench floats lightly whilst being solid and stable on its feet.

Rather than being an off-the-shelf product, the emphasis is on a flexible design which is adapted to suit unique spatial and taste requirements. Sizes, heights and finishes may be customised and framing is designed in sections to allow for access through restrictive entries and corridors.

We have been happy to see so many of these finding their way into private residences. 

Publicly, you can see some Truss tables at Next Door Cronulla, and throughout the Edwards and Co spaces in Melbourne, Sydney.