The Truss bench/table

Experiments with lightweight structures found us looking at old bicycle frames for inspiration. A bicycle shop lies back in our Dutch family history, so it was kind of a natural line of inquisition which found us plodding around the workshop cutting and welding together pieces of tubing in unusual arrangements.

We learned a lot about structure and materials along the road. Steel tubing tends to behave boldly when it's heated through welding and requires patience to achieve a strong clean result with any constancy.

What evolved from this experimenting was the truss series of tables. The first pieces being produced


for our client Jaye Edwards of Edwards & Co. They were large 3x1.5m benches which needed to be broken down to fit through limited access spaces. The designs have since evolved into standard table heights and to varying lengths and widths.

Rather than being an off-the-shelf product, the emphasis is on a flexible design which is adapted to suit unique spatial and taste requirements. Sizes, heights and finishes may be customised and framing is designed in sections to allow for access through restrictive entries and corridors.

Its been great to see some of these finding their way into private residences, whilst publicly, you can see some Truss tables at Next Door Cronulla, and throughout the Edwards and Co spaces in Melbourne, Sydney.