The Techne X Tuckbox Wine and Cheese Trolley

Techne x Tuckbox Wine Trolley

A design competition in the offices of the very creative Techne architects invited all members to submit a concept to create a drinks trolley for the office. 

Unsurprisingly there ended up being two designs that were made - one for the office to keep, and one for a vineyard connected to one of the directors. It was this design that Tuckbox collaborated with (then) Techne architect Tim Angus on. 

Tim's design aspirations were to deliver a beautiful and sustainable product. The expression of structural efficiency and beautiful natural materials were fundamental, a natural fit with the Tuckbox ethos.

The steelframe was conceived as an elegant triangulated skeleton within which the boxy raw timber boxes would sit. Together they work in harmony to provide a rigid floating structure that celebrates the unique grain and character of the reclaimed Douglas fir. 

Tuckbox Design ensured that the finished product remained absolutely true to the initial design intent drawings supplied by Techne. No compromise was made in the detailing, materials nor finishes. 

No ‘off the shelf’ elements exist in the piece - we crafted all components from scratch. 


We overcame structural and weight distribution challenges through the unique engineering of the 20mm thick solid front wheels. These were machined with discreet internal bearinged hubs, they provide key balance and solidarity to the trolley during operation.

Timber elements are crafted from a large singular reclaimed Douglas Fir beam. Scars from its previous life are retained amongst its flowing figured grain patterns. Precision routing of the top serving plane allowed the stone elements to subtly dropped into place.

The frame was fabricated in a series of parts from solid bar, then welded, ground smooth and highly polished before being copper plated. The final finish involved hand polishing and a protective clear coat. 

The trolley production was made to an extraordinary quality. There was no prototyping in the fabrication, it was a single and considered process from beginning to end, to realise the outstanding outcome. 

The project was a labour of love for the two collaborating companies. Techne had the concept and Tuckbox Design made it a reality and in collaboration they solved the technical requirements together with several meetings in Techne at the Tuckbox Design workshop in Campbellfield.