About Dan

Daniel de Groot Tuckbox

Dan de Groot graduated from Queensland University of Technology in 1998 with a post-graduate degree in Industrial Design. He honed his skills in a leading UK architectural firm, designing furniture, signage, graphics and branding, for retail and hospitality clients.

When Dan and his wife Prue moved home to Melbourne in 2008, he took a break from the design office, choosing to pick up the tools and get his hands dirty. Over the next few years he discovered a new found appreciation for the materials, the machines and processes, and importantly, the people involved with the making.

Inspired by the passionate craftsmen he met, many willing to share their knowledge, Dan was motivated to create his own business where he could bring the designing and the making together. He started small, collecting old timber machinery and working on small projects in a backyard shed.

His shed is now a factory space in Campbellfield which he leaves once in a while for his young family, or in search of new ideas, vintage machinery - or timber.