L-R: Daniel's wife Prue, Anthony and Dan

About us


Tuckbox Design is two brothers, industrial designer Daniel and engineer Anthony de Groot, and Dan’s wife Prue. They launched their business in 2013. All products are designed and made in-house or locally. 

Tuckbox has a studio and a workshop space, both of which are open to the public by appointment.

As a team, their focus is on nurturing their experimentation process to support the creation of pieces that are challenging, graphical and have a lightness of design. 

Their finished products reflect an uncompromising attention to detail and quality, carefully considered for their different applications.

mail us on info@tuckbox.com.au and find us on Instagram and Facebook


Sustainable and friendly

We take the time to carefully select suppliers of raw materials to ensure our supply chain implements sustainable practices which embody our business ethos. 

Finishes on our timber products are chosen for quality, longevity and their low VOC compliance. Overall we try to make products which are friendly to your health, our health, and the health of our precious planet.